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Shabbir Bagha

Shabbir has been my family’s accountant for several years now. He has always gone above and beyond in his service to maximize our tax returns. Through his insight, we learn more and more each year when it’s tax time. His patience, knowledge and sense of humor make him truly one of a kind. He provides sound advice and options whenever performing a task and triple checks his work before submitting anything. Years ago, we were just looking for an accountant and now we have gained a trusted friend. Thank you Shabbir for all your assistance. We know that we can always count on you.

I have been a client of Shabbir Bagha for my Business and Individual accounting and tax matters since 2009. Shabbir is a very competent, knowledgeable and tax accountant. With his exceptional skills in tax planning, he has helped me fulfil my financial requirements. His professional and ethical approach combined with his dedication and commitment to help his clients achieve their goal of minimizing their tax liabilities are very commendable.

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